Who we are

VRK Webdesign

An upcoming team of web designers & SEO specialists

About Vrk WebdesignAn upcoming team of IT & Marketing Professionals, providing Web Design, Online (Web) Marketing Solutions for small to medium size businesses. We are based in Sydney, Australia. But can cater to any client around the world. Our team has highly creative Web Design skills and technical programming expertise in addition to the much needed copy write and marketing communications expertise. Designing just any website is easy. But designing a website that serves its ultimate purpose of reaching the intended target customers and promoting your products and services that ultimately generates a tangible sale is a very tough task. It requires sound creative, marketing and technical skills. We aim to achieve just that. Read on : Nine Essential Principles for Good Web Design.

What do we offer?
The primary service offered is Web Design. we also provide all the associated services to project your products and services online. We make you feel comfortable. We discuss your specific requirements with you and offer you the right product at an affordable price. We customise the site to your needs. We will also offer free consultation while handing over your completed website. we see that you or your staff can manage and update the site with ease and you are not locked with us. No job is small for us. But we design every site with dedication. We design websites from scratch or we can rework or repair your existing site.

Why choose our Web Designs?
We design sites which are compatible with most commonly used browser versions, secure & safe websites and easily maintainable and extendable. Our web designs are Search Engine Optimised, which helps gain Search Engine Rankings. You won’t get locked up with us, though we are sure you would like to retain us to host and maintain your website. Our objective is to project your product and services professionally and effectively so that you start getting online enquiries right away. We will see to it that your site not only looks professional but also offers the required functionality. Your web site proves effective in terms of establishing and enhancing the online presence for your products and services.

What Web Design technologies we use?
We keep up with the latest developments in the web design technologies and use them in our designs. We recommend Content management Systems (CMS) so that once the site is designed and handed over to you, you can independently manage your site yourself with ease. We build SEO optimisation right from the initial coding so that search engines can easily crawl the site and index them. We design sites as per W3C standards so that the website behaves predictably in different versions of the several popular brands of browsers.

How much our Web Design costs?
Well that is a difficult question to answer as far as web design is concerned. For a run-off-the-mill website it costs in hundreds. For other customised websites it costs a bit more. Our rates are based on what you are looking for. It all depends on your requirement. Whatever be your requirement we shall strive to fit into your budget and make it very affordable. You can always get more features added on to your website as it goes. Talk to us, we do not charge for talking. We can get your website up and running asap. All you need to have is a registered domain name and a hosting account. If you do not have a domain name and a hosting account, we help you get one registered for you.