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a scientific art and a marketing exercise

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Webdesign & MaintenanceWe define web design as a scientific art and a marketing exercise. It is a multifaceted art, requires highest order of artistic design skills, marketing communication skills and programming skills. While your website needs to be elegant, artistic, professional looking & ergonomic and it must deliver it’s purpose. Your website must promote your business, generate adequate demand and sales leads and ultimately sell your products and services. We make your participation in designing your website, a pleasant experience. We promise that you will enjoy the process as much as we do while your website is being developed, with in your budget and time frame. We use various latest technologies in our web design. We provide latest widgets and components. Click here to view our Web Design & Maintenance Portfolio. Check out what our present clients have to say.

Web mastering
Lost your webmaster? Nephew or niece doesn’t have time or gave up? Need some more expertise? Often web designer disappears after commissioning the website, leaving maintenance to the owner. web mastering is maintenance after web design. Webmaster is one who updates, fix ongoing issues, upgrades and maintains and keeps the website functional and fresh on a daily basis. Read more about webmaster who does web design maintenance. VRK Web designs web design maintenance and web mastering program is designed give you website management support on a retainer-ship basis or on per call basis.

A well designed website should be one that

  • Your clients should be able to find it when they search internet for the products or services you offer.
  • Make an impact in the first impression itself. In the first few seconds on your homepage your customer will make an opinion on your business.
  • Your customer must find what he / she wants right away.
  • Your intuitive site navigation must generate interest to drill down further to get more relevant information.
  • Compelling copy-writing of your marketing communication makes the visitor make a contact, which can ultimately be converted to a successful sale.
  • Your site must represent the professional character of your business and encourage repeat visits.
  • Must make your business stand out of the crowd.

What can go wrong in webdesign?

  • Most webdesigners are just designers. You may get a good looking website, but it might fail to deliver it’s purpose.
  • Takes too much time to load, and your visitors may become impatient and leave.
  • Poor quality images or very high quality images (but compressed in dimensions) that take too much time to load.
  • Fare poorly with search engines.
  • Clumsy navigation, not user friendly and difficult find the needed info.
  • Poor quality of copy. Too much emphasis on design aspects and lack of marketing edge.
  • Websites designed with older technologies and can not scale well with current technology trends.
  • Difficult to maintain. Maintenance, locked with the designer.
  • Do not display well on different types and versions of browsers and monitor resolutions.
  • Too expensive and bad service from supplier & designer.