eCommerce Online Shopping

Convenience & price are the main drivers for online shoppers

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Trends in eCommerce Online shopping
According to PayPal and eCommerce online shopping companies research, online shopping sales trend is rapidly raising. For the past few years, the number of customers buying products online has been steadily increasing. Research indicates online sales in small businesses have increased to 64 percent. Moreover, this year has seen more than one billion online buyers around the world, spending over $1.2 trillion dollars. Read on for more about eCommerce and Online Shopping.

Growing online participation of Australian Businesses
A new ACMA research reports growing online participation – 59 per cent of adults went online to purchase a good or service in the last quarter, compared to 53 per cent in the previous year. Increasing online engagement from businesses is 59 per cent of Australian small to medium enterprises had taken orders online from consumers during this period. Businesses are also increasing efforts to leverage social media, largely for product and company profiling purposes.

Who shops online?
The majority of adult internet users (62 per cent) purchased a good or service online in the previous 6 month period. Internet users aged from 35 to 44 were more likely than any other age group to have shopped online. Those with higher incomes were also more likely to have shopped online, as were internet users in remote Australian locations.

Why we shop online?
Convenience & price are the main drivers for consumers to shop online. Not trusting the internet, having no need to shop online or preferring to shop in-store are the main barriers to consumers shopping online.

How we shop online?
eCommerce Online shopping is predominately conducted via computers, with mobile phone internet e-commerce largely confined to banking and bill payment. These trends are changing.

What we buy online?
Travel goods, tickets and accommodation are the most popular items purchased online, followed by clothes, shoes and personal items, although there is some variation based on the age and location of the purchaser. More and more people do eCommerce online shopping due to increased security, trace ability and reversibility in online transactions and for the shear convenience of online shopping without the need to go to the shop.

Where we shop online?
The majority of online shoppers in Australia continue to buy from Australian websites. However, the proportion of online shoppers accessing overseas sites has increased. This is likely to be a result of the growth of the Australian dollar. Supporting local industry is the leading reason why people shopped on mainly Australian websites (30 per cent).

Mobile devices and online purchases
More and more people are purchasing through their mobile device. Or browsing an item on their handset and completing the transaction on a desktop. Australia is one of the highest in the world using handheld devices. Newer trend is where people walk in retail stores with their mobile devices, scan a product for information and buy it online from the cheapest retailer. The second trend is that people are becoming more comfortable with retailers operating in multi channel space. Now more and more businesses are doing a combination of retail and online shop front. eCommerce online shopping is the way to go! Source: ACMA-commissioned survey, n=1,770.