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Online Marketing SolutionsAll we aim through the media whether it is online by a website, email campaign or through print media using brochures, product catalogues or advertisements in news papers, magazines or posters or hoardings is to promote the brand identity and there by the product sale. Objective of marketing is making the sale, superfluous. In order to attain a perpetual and recurring sale we need to establish a strong brand identity and image so that it reaches the top order on the customer’s recollection list. A brand doesn’t build by itself. Brand building is a conscious and consistent activity. It is very important that all these efforts must be continuous and co-ordinated to compliment each other and should not confuse the target audience. A proper mix of these media is essential.

Professional and Functional Websites
A professional and functional website is the cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign. Online shop is the place where the customer become most comfortable, comfort leads to sale. A professional and well-designed and functional website builds brand image. Having a user friendly, well designed website is an important part of the online marketing strategy. Site usability influences how well and frequently your website converts potential customers (traffic) into actual transactions.

Clear and Consistent Communication
The most important activity before attempting any of these activities is to spell out and determine a clear identity of your company and the brand you want to create in the minds of customers. Our brain recollects things only by mere association. Company logo, base color scheme, communication and style etc have to be established first.

The communication strategy must be clear and consistent. This is a very important activity as once decided, we can not change them because changing them will be too expensive in terms of dollars and loss of time and market position. We at VRK Consultants create and manage brands that build business. We provide all the associated services to develop brand, graphic design, corporate identity, logo design, photography and videography, web design and web development. We provide innovative graphic design solutions. We offer full brand building services.

Company Logo and Color Scheme
A logo is an identification symbol or a visual tool, it is not a brand. It may be a graphic or a typeface that acts as symbol of your brand. It has to distinguish your company from it’s competitors. Consistent exposure of the logo builds recognition and recollection or your company and the brand. Once logo is established it is important your must register Trademark patent because with out Trademark registration in place you can not prevent others from copying or using the same or similar logo.

Design Services
We offer professional design of Corporate Brochures & Product catalogues of different formats. We can arrange professional photography of your facilities and products. We can also source relevant pictures and license to use them from Stock Photos. You may use Brochures for various promotional purposes such as product launches, special promotion, trade shows etc. We can design a complete range of print material including Brochures, Leaflets, Posters, Product Catalogs, Price lists, Menu cards, Visiting Cards, Letter heads, Handouts, Art works for Magazine advertisements. We provide complete solution from concept, design, proofing, printing and delivery.