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Online Marketing SolutionsAre you taking advantage of the contemporary consumer trends? Research indicates on-line sales in small busi-nesses have increased to 64%. This year (2012) has seen more than one billion online buyers around the world, spending over $1.2 trillion dollars. More and more people are purchasing through their mobile device, or browsing an item on their handset and completing the transaction on a desktop. The second trend is that people are becoming more comfortable with retailers operating in multi-channel space. As a response to the rapid uptake of the internet by the average consumer, several key factors such as search engine marketing(SEO), social media networks, online video, email marketing, mobile marketing etc have become important part of the of online marketing activity. Read more of online marketing.

Professional and Functional Websites
A professional and functional website is the cornerstone of a successful online marketing campaign. Online shop is the place where the customer become most comfortable, comfort leads to sale. A professional and well-designed and functional website builds brand image. Having a user friendly, well designed website is an important part of the online marketing strategy. Site usability influences how well and frequently your website converts potential customers (traffic) into actual transactions.

Search Engine Marketing
A good looking website is of no use if no one can find it using the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. SEO, Search engine optimisation is about increasing the rankings of a website in a natural search on search engines such as Google or bing. SEO is very powerful and important part of any online marketing strategy due to its potential to drive growth at a relatively low cost. Search Engine Marketion (SEO) is a highly specilised, scientific and methodical approach. SEO optimisation has to be built in website from ground up.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Where as SEO is for building a longterm organic search ranks, Pay per click PPC, is Paid Search. PPC is a advertising based on specific keywords to appear on search engines as “Sponsored links”. Pay per click (PPC) can help drive quality customers to the website very quickly. In a short run Pay Per Click is cost effective.

Online Demos and Video
Internet dominates all forms of media during the purchase process, online podcasts and video take advantage of the predisposed state of the customer.

Social Media Networks
Social media marketing (SMM) is becoming increasingly significant part of an online marketing mix and complement the existing Online Marketing Solutions. Popular social media networks are blogs, microblogs, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Wikipedia etc. Social media networking sites are low-cost customer group participation activity. Social networking is a ground for business and consumer interaction. Social media provides opportunities for companies to have a 2-way dialogue with consumers, listen to consumer feedback, manage brand reputation and as a marketing tool to broadcast to different segments of consumers.

CRM and Email Marketing
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a critical part of any successful business. Internet allows companies to take advantage of a more personalised and engaging approach with their customers. Online CRM tools enhance the process of building relationship with customers in a more organised, analytical and cost efficient way. Email marketing includes periodic newsletters, new product arrival announcements, mass mail-outs, special promotions and communications. This channel is a costeffective means of promotion. This channel needs to be implemented carefully to maintain the active subscriptions and measure the response.

Handheld Divices Marketing
More and more consumers are browsing the web using mobile broadband due the shere convenience. Australia tops in this trend. It is critical that the online content must be compatible with mobile and other handheld divices.