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Do I need a website at all?
We would say yes whether you are running a business, a hobbyist or just an individual need to be found by the customers, clients or anyone you are interested to be connected with. Today almost everyone in the world uses the internet to find what they want. It is the most cost effective way of getting found and known by your target audience. A website makes your product and services known by the customers and increases your brand identity and recognition. This is the first step to sell your product, services or your ideas. Through a website you can not only advertise your products and services but also actually sell your product using online-shopping applications.

What is the minimum requirement for a website?
You need a registered domain name, a hosting account and a few web pages to host. A domain name is your unique online address that your customers use to find your company on the Internet. Ex: www.vrkwebdesign.com.au The name should ideally indicate who you are and what you offer. A new domain name costs $15 to $25 pa. You can also buy any existing domain name for a premium price if it is available for sale. Hosting is renting a space on the Internet for your web pages, images, audio, video and web applications and databases etc. Shared hosting costs start around $120 pa. A dedicated hosting costs more. It usually takes about 24hrs to register up your new domain name and hosting account. If you already have a domain name and hosting account we can also use them.

How quickly can we have our web presence setup?
We can establish your web presence in just 24 hours with a landing page displaying your company name, logo address and a brief description of your product and services “FREE OF CHARGE”. All you need is a registered domain name and a hosting account. If you do not have a domain name and hosting account we can register on your behalf.

How long it takes to make a website ready from scratch?
This is a tough question to answer. This entirely depends on the size and complexity of your business. In a week’s time we will be able to finalise the design. The basic content and relevant images of your products and establishment etc have to come from you. We will do copywrighting and produce some visuals based on your inputs. If required we need to (re) design your logo. It is important that one of your representative works with us through out the process to make information available and provide clarifications. Usually a website can be ready within 4 weeks of availability of basic info. Obviously any changes sought during the development process will add to the delivery schedule.

What inputs do we need to provide for the website?
We need to know as much info as possible about your business. We need to know clearly, what is it you want to achieve through the website. Your target audience, your business structure, any existing website or print material such as company brochure, product catalogues and any existing images or photographs that depict your business, products and services. During the free initial consultation we will provide a list of the above requirements. We will work with what is available.

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Once the website is handed over to us, can we maintain it ourselves or do we still have to depend on you?
Absolutely no. You can maintain the website yourselves. Every website needs regular updating so that the repeat visitors find the website that is alive. While handing over the completed site we we will educate your technical persons how to maintain the website. We provide one month free support after handing over the website. After that if you wish you can still avail our maintenance services, charged per call basis or annual basis.

What else is needed after the website is designed?
Designing a good website that projects your products and services is a job only half done. A website will be useless if it can not be found by your target customers, unless you have your target customer contact and know how to reach them and promote your website address. (You may achieve this using print material such as letter-heads, visiting cards or expensive magazine advertisement etc). More cost effective way of reaching your potential customers and increasing customer base is by Online-Marketing. This is achieved by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your site and initial boosting of the rank by participating in Pay Per Click (PPC) programs. We also offer much needed expert online marketing services by Optimising your site and designing Pay Per Click program for your site.

What is the advantage of Content Management System (CMS)?
CMS, as the name suggests is an application to manage the web content. Once the site is designed and handed over, you can easily maintain and extend your site yourself. We will provide basic knowledge to your support team to effectively use CMS to maintain the website. You are not locked with any web design company for ongoing website maintenance. We prefer to use Joomla CMS as it is easy for the customers to learn to update and maintain the site themselves. Click to read more on CMS

Can you provide for all our web design and hosting service needs?
Yes we can, we will preform domain names search, offer available names. Once name is finalised, register your domain name(s) and a hosting account, point your domain name to your hosting account. We will also provide an initial landing page free of charge, so that you will be able to have your web presence established in just 24 hrs once the domain name is finalised.

Can I sell my products on my website?
Yes you can. To achieve this we need to set up an on-line stores, shopping cart and a payment system. This is a specialised service.

What is your payment policy and payment type do you accept?
There are no contracts with us for web design services. Payments are per job basis. We accept payment by cheque, credit card, on-line fund transfer. We expect 50% of the charges at the time the job is started and the remaining when the job is delivered.

What is your refund policy?
Utmost quality of the job and service is guaranteed. But still for any reason if you are not happy with the job delivered we offer full refund of what ever paid minus incidental expenses which we have actually paid to the third parties for registering or sourcing images etc. What matters to us is your 100% satisfaction irrespective of costs incurred by us in terms of time spent and service rendered.